Five years ago I was on the campaign trail, hoping I would be given the chance and the privilege to represent Labour in the Waterfront ward – those five years have flown by.

In a few short weeks we go to the polls again, and hopefully I will be re-elected to serve the Waterfront ward again.

Being a councillor for the Waterfront ward is not a job, it is a privilege and I am humbled to be afforded the opportunity. The past five years have been difficult for many reasons, mainly due to the Covid outbreak, but during that time we have also seen true togetherness, people going that extra mile, going above and beyond for others.

Our council staff did an amazing job throughout –the caretakers, drivers, care workers, cleaners and office staff – all went about their work helping others, despite the huge risks to themselves.

Clydebank Post: Councillor Danny Lennie (Labour, Clydebank Central)Councillor Danny Lennie (Labour, Clydebank Central)

Everyone who put a council badge round their necks did so for the benefit of our communities, every one of them are heroes in their own way. It is very easy to criticise, we all do it, but when you are out and about and see a council worker, give them a smile, remember the real effort they put in to keep things going as best they could, under extremely difficult circumstances.

I also want to pay tribute to the many groups and volunteers who worked tirelessly in the pandemic. I do not have the space here to name them all, so I have picked three from the many who gave everything of themselves.

Centre 81 Steering Group –what a fantastic job they do for the area’s children, putting on events, playdays and activities, keeping the children fed and healthy, taking the pressure and stress off parents. They distributed food parcels to those in greatest need, they made sure if any family needed help it was there for them. The group is a real credit to our community.

Golden Friendship – as a support worker, I know the value of having a venue for those with various disabilities, the huge impact it makes on a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. Golden Friendship does all that and more. I was delighted to assist in securing a grant to allow the installation of a changing places toilet facility, no more undignified getting changed on the floor, or having to leave early. Golden Friendship is about inclusion, respect and dignity and I am proud to be associated with the group, even in my small way.

Old Kilpatrick foodbank – a team of hard-working volunteers who distribute much-needed parcels all across the area for those in need. They have distributed thousands and thousands of food parcels, donated by the public and business owners alike. They continue to work tirelessly to help those in need, sorting the donations out, putting them in boxes and delivering them. It is a disgrace we even need foodbanks, but thank God we have groups like Old Kilpatrick, and the many more across the area.