THERE are many people who feel that voting is a waste of time.

What is my vote really going to achieve? What difference will my one vote make? The decisions have already been made!  What’s the point as nothing changes! They are all the same, only care about their fancy lunches and half-day working hours.

These are just some of the reasons I have heard over the years as to why people don’t bother to vote.

If you don’t vote you will never change anything!

I work on average 40 hours a week for a part-time wage based on 16 hours and many of my colleagues do the same.  

No fancy lunches and I can honestly say a quick sandwich as I go from one meeting to another is all I have time for. 

Each person that chooses not to vote makes it harder and harder to be a voice for the people, and that is what and why I do this job.

It is why I work over double the hours that I get paid and often choose to spend my weekends catching up on emails and posts that I didn’t have time to address during the Monday to Friday working week.

The main reason though, to make the effort to vote is to have your say and choose who you trust to represent your views. 

People should feel empowered to address the huge amount of issues that continue to threaten our communities and areas, streets and schools, play parks and community areas, projects, groups, and clubs but unless you, the people who use these areas and services use your right to vote then the wrong people, who are out for themselves will be elected and your rights will be diminished once again.

Ways you can vote: 

Being homeless does not exclude you from your absolute right to vote. If you know your national insurance number and date of birth, are over 16 and are a British Citizen you have a right to vote.

You can do this using a temporary address where you can have access to mail.

I hope this has been of some use to you and given you something to think about especially as the local council elections are coming up in May.

Your right to vote is something which is taken for granted however many don’t realise that all over the world there are people spending years in prison or even losing their lives over protesting and campaigning for the basic human right to vote.