I hope this column finds you and yours well.

I am sure Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shocked you all. We have to stay focused on the human cost, and remember that just two weeks ago Ukraine was at peace.

Scotland being the home of the UK’s nuclear deterrent at Faslane has done nothing for our safety, but instead added us as a target should the current madness from Putin be escalated to global insanity.

Myself and my SNP colleagues both at Holyrood and Westminster have consistently voted against this madness and the position having these weapons over 20 miles away puts us in.

This current Westminster Tory government will try to blame this war for the rise in the cost of living when they are actually down to their mismanagement of the economy, Brexit and by NOT introducing proper controls.

Instead protecting their friends, whilst refusing to assist those less fortunate. Examples of this, are the time taken to sanction the Oligarchs.

The refusal to look at any windfall tax on the exorbitant profits made by the oil companies. Not forgetting the deplorable withdrawal of the £20 weekly payment to those on Universal Credit.

It is with this in mind that I am pleased to welcome the news that social security payments issued by the Scottish Government will increase by 6 per cent on April 1.

Subject to parliamentary approval the Job Start Payment, Young Carer’s Grant, Funeral Support, Best Start Grant and Carer’s Allowance Supplement will increase by 6 per cent. Families will also expect a doubling on the Scottish Child Payment and an increase in Best Start Foods. We are also ending disability assessments for those with serious, lifelong conditions. Treating them with dignity.

Many families are facing a squeeze on their incomes as household bills sky-rocket. Working people will have their pay packets hit by a Tory hike in National Insurance. The SNP Scottish Government is taking action to tackle this.

Last week was Scottish Apprenticeship Week. Myself and my PA Cylina Porch got involved by visiting Conservation Masonry on South Street, G14. We were delighted to be invited along to meet with their current trainees and hear of their many success stories.

There is no age limit for commencing an apprenticeship and the company are always on the lookout for new recruits. Scottish Apprenticeships are playing an essential part in the nation’s economic renewal.

On March 18 I met with Cala Homes at their Jordanhill development. Constituents have previously expressed concerns over the impact of this development, now we’re a couple of summers in, I thought it best to have another visit.