In West Dunbartonshire the cost of living crisis has deepened thanks to the actions of our local SNP politicians.

At our annual budget setting meeting this month, every SNP councillor voted to increase our council tax by 3 per cent.

This is on top of the water rates increase of 4.2 per cent imposed by the Scottish Government.

Every Labour councillor voted for the alternative budget proposed by my Labour group to freeze council tax this year. That’s right - a zero per cent increase to reflect the cost of living crisis we all face.

Labour’s budget, voted down by all the local SNP councillors was a “no cuts budget”.

We proposed using £1million of council reserves to freeze council tax this year.

Sadly, the SNP decided to increase council tax by 3 per cent again for 42,000 households across West Dunbartonshire.

Perhaps some could accept this rise if they could actually see any improvements in our local communities.

Instead the SNP have closed all council offices in Clydebank, stopped cutting our grass or maintaining our parks and open spaces.

Our local roads are in a terrible condition.

Our pothole ridden roads are a daily reminder of how badly the SNP have let down communities.

Labour’s budget proposal to West Dunbartonshire Council this month included £5m of investment in our roads and the creation of a rapid response pothole repair service, again voted down by the SNP.

Labour also proposed additional capital investment in our play parks in Duntocher and Hardgate, funding to start working on a new Linnvale Community Centre and a replacement HUB CE Centre. The SNP didn’t share our ambitions.

A Labour council will fund the reintroduction of grass cutting in open spaces within communities that have become overgrown and unsightly.

This will provide much needed seasonal jobs for local residents and restore our parks and greenspaces abandoned by the SNP.

Our local taxi drivers have had a tough time over the last couple of years.

The council was proposing hitting the taxi trade with an increase of 4 per cent to their fees.

Thankfully, I was able to persuade all councillors that this was unfair.

For the first time in over 20 years their fees will be frozen. I listened to the views of our local Clydebank taxi operators.

Clydebank deserves better than this tired, failed SNP administration.

We have a chance on Thursday, May 5 to elect Labour councillors who share your concerns and recognise what is needed to improve our local area.