Road safety is something that no one should take lightly. But I am really struggling to understand why, even though there have been accidents on certain bits of road in my ward, Glasgow City Council’s officials won’t do anything to make these dangerous stretches of our highways safer.

I have called the officers in charge of our city’s roads out for numerous walkarounds in several places across my ward in the last four years, only to be told that they will not put in more pedestrian crossings – even though they agree they would help towards safety, and regardless of how many accidents there have been and how many people have been hurt or killed.

This is irresponsible. There should be more regard paid to human life when making decisions about the safety of our roads.

I understand that there are budget constraints, but no amount of money can replace a lost human life, so any amount of money should be used to make these roads safer for everyone to cross.

I am not alone in my campaign. High Knightswood and Anniesland Community Council and Knightswood Community Council are standing side by side in their campaign to try to get speed cameras and some form of traffic calming all along our part of Great Western Road, and have been very public about their concerns and their campaign.

Nearby, the residents of Bearsden Road, Ilay Road and Westerton Avenue, along with High Knightswood and Anniesland Community Council and the residents of the Parkview estate, are all working with me to try to make this road safer after numerous accidents there too.

I really hope that Glasgow City Council’s officials will listen and will do the right thing in order to protect our citizens.

I would also like to say that I am very glad that the restrictions are starting to be lifted, with this week’s move beyond Level 0, and that hopefully we are coming to the end of this pandemic being so dangerous.

I must emphasise, though, that we shouldn’t get complacent. This virus is still here, still causing illness and putting lives at risk, so it is really important to protect ourselves from its effects by wearing our masks to protect others and ourselves, by washing our hands properly, and by using hand sanitiser to kill any germs that may linger if we touch something that someone infected has touched.

When the schools go back, these measures will be even more important to prevent a spike in cases again. Please take care of yourselves and each other.