We should all give ourselves a pat on the back. We have done incredibly well to get to this stage in this pandemic where we are opening things up again.

At the same time, though, we must not forget that we are still restricted and for very good reasons, to save lives and protect our vulnerable, so we still need to be careful.

I would encourage anyone who has side effects to the vaccine to register those side effects so that the makers of the vaccines can work towards making the vaccines safer for everyone.

It is really disappointing and infuriating that there are much needed publicly used and loved buildings not on the list for Glasgow Life to reopen across ward 14 like Drumchapel Community Centre and Netherton Community Centre.

These facilities are vital to our health and wellbeing in our communities. The council is trying to promote the message that local businesses or charities take these buildings over and run them, but there are multiple concerns with that as far as I can see.

If businesses take over these facilities, it stops them being public buildings and the community loses out.

If charities take them over there are the questions around secure funding that blight our third sector – and if the funding is not found to keep running these centres, then the centres would have to close, leaving more abandoned and derelict structures across our city and less local support for our people.

I can assure you I am fighting against this happening along with other councillors in the ward and across the city as it breaks my heart to see this happen. I just think that, at the moment especially, our people need to be supported, not to have things made harder for them.

On a much more cheerful note, repairs are allowed to be done in our houses now that we are not in full lockdown – hurrah!

Please phone your housing association and report any repairs your home might need that have not been able to be done because of the restrictions, as the quality of housing you are living in is really important.

None of the housing associations want to see their stock condition getting worse – and you are worth living in a decent, safe and wind and water tight home where you can close your door and relax.

If there are any problems that you would like me to help you with, please email me on Elspeth.kerr@glasgow.gov.uk as housing is one of my top priorities too.