I really welcome the Scottish Government’s framework for emerging from lockdown that was recently published.

I do not underestimate the complexity of this task.

We need to get our society and our economy going again and get to a new normal.

I am very concerned that children are suffering in terms of their education, development, and mental health because of this crisis.

Therefore, I have asked for and received, assurances that deprived young people who have been unable to benefit from online learning will receive enhanced transitions back to learning during the summer.

We also have enhanced resources available to deal with mental health issues in schools.

I am, however, very concerned about government failures on the way into lockdown.

Generally, there seems to have been a failure to take appropriate public health advice at a Scottish level and a failure of decision making by the Scottish Government.

These appear to have caused a delay in lockdown being implemented, a failure to test older people leaving hospitals for care homes, and a failure to regularly test all care home staff.

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I am still, as I write, seeking an assurance that all care home staff will be tested regularly.

For all the rhetoric about independence, there was a slavish adherence to instructions from Westminster, which have turned out to be flawed.

However, our own public health experts, who were not consulted at the time, could foresee these problems.

We have been failed by both Westminster and Holyrood.

Our council has been working tirelessly to provide the best possible services to our citizens at this difficult time.

As chair of the West Dunbartonshire Council audit committee, I am determined that every penny promised to us by Edinburgh will be paid into our coffers this time.

West Dunbartonshire is a deprived area and deserves more money, not less.

I will end on a happier note. It is worth repeating that local residents in Linnvale have won their case on the Local Development Plan. The open greenspace at Strauss Avenue has been saved.

More than ever now, we need to look after our greenspace, as we emerge from lockdown.

So I wish you all a more relaxed summer as we enter the “new normal”.