AS spring approaches, it is great to see improvements coming out of the ground in our communities.

Two great examples of these are the new all-weather sports pitch in Radnor Park and the upgraded sport pitches and pavilion in Mountblow.

Having been involved in securing funding for these improvements, as well as the new play areas in Radnor Park which have already been completed, I am pleased to see these coming to pass.

Recently, I brought a motion to council which secured a further £100,000 for treatment of icy pavements and footpaths in winter.

I do hope that council bears its power of wellbeing in mind in the upcoming budget setting process.

In my last article in the Post, I highlighted the great work of local voluntary organisations.

Not only do they provide great services in the community, but the funding that council gives them is really a “spend to save”.

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For example, Clydebank Independent Resource Centre regenerates £7million into the local economy from a budget of little over £100,000.

Such initiatives must be sustained and nurtured as new funding, hopefully, comes into local budgets.

I am also pleased to announce that I have been assured that West Thomson Street will be upgraded during the school holidays in the summer or autumn.

This is badly needed until our new health and care centre becomes available in the summer of next year. However, the new council care home will open in May of this year.

Finally, I would like to reiterate my support for Save Linnvale Greenspace.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend last month’s meeting because of ill health, but I am committed to helping to find a sustainable use for this greenspace which benefits my constituents.