Well, if you didn’t know there was an election on December 12 you would have to have just arrived from another planet.

The Conservatives slipped in a clause in their manifesto that will allow them to change every legal detail that governs how the media and courts look to scrutinise government should have us all worried.

Whether politicians are comfortable with justifiable media scrutiny or not is neither here nor there.

We need to protect their right to do so as that is how in a healthy democracy the people get to know what is happening and to look to curtail the courts is even more dangerous and needs to be rejected out of hand by the Westminster Parliament, as can be seen by Johnstone’s illegal attempts to prorogue parliament earlier this year.

Still on a political note, and from a more personal point of view, as a life-long member of SCND I was horrified to read the stories coming out of Ayrshire regarding the Hunterston B reactor and the application to be allowed to restart it.

If the information I have is correct, the reactor insulation looks to have reached the end of its safe life span and this should be enough for the unit to be run down and mothballed (it’s due to happen in 2024 anyway), not for the rules to be changed to say it can be re-started or for the Ayrshire health board to be looking at supplying iodine tablets to people who live within a 2.5km radius.

We need to pressurise the Westminster authorities that this should not be happening through all our elected representative of whatever party just as soon as they are back.

After all that politicking, can I just add a personal wish that you and your families have a very happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

“Awe ra Best”, Bill.