There has been considerable concern recently in Linnvale about the proposed re-zoning of the greenspace at Strauss Avenue for housing.

I should stress that, at this stage, this is simply a proposal which will be considered by the Scottish Government reporter next year.

It will be for the planning committee to decide thereafter if this should go ahead.

Even if the area were re-zoned, any planning applications thereafter would have to be considered on their merits.

In the meantime, it is open to anyone or any group to apply for a suitable use for the greenspace, as I reported to Linnvale and Drumry Community Council last week.

As a result of my constituents’ concerns, I brought a motion to council last month asking for the residents of Linnvale to be consulted on their ideas on how the greenspace should be used.

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Incredibly, the SNP administration, which includes Bailie Denis Agnew, rejected this by 10 votes to nine. This is the same SNP which stood locally for election in 2017 on an explicit platform of openness and consultation.

Moreover, the SNP leader stated during debate that the local development plan has already been decided. This is incorrect.

Again, last week, in the corporate services committee, I questioned the administration’s plan to move the One Stop Shop from the Co-op into the Clydebank Library.

I was given no explanation as to why no public consultation has been carried out on this, or why disabled access at the library was not taken into account. So I moved that the plan should be considered at this month’s council meeting. This went to a tied vote at five votes each, but was rejected by the casting vote of the SNP chair.

What have the SNP administration got to hide from the people of Clydebank?

Why are they not living up to their election promise of openness and consultation?

Bankies deserve far better than to be ignored and dictated to like this.

Change is coming. The festive season is almost upon us once again.

So, may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas, and all the very best for the new year.