I MIGHT be back at Clydebank High for the new school year, but I’ve got plenty of campaigning to do in my role representing Clydebank and Milngavie at the Scottish Youth Parliament.

The Scottish Youth Parliament is a youth-led and rights based organisation rooted in article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

Currently the UNCRC is not enshrined in Scottish law. However, following campaigning from the SYP, the Scottish Government has promised to incorporate the UNCRC in the next few years.

The SYP’s new campaign is about environmental protection. I will focus on Clydebank and ensure that our community is the best it can be - green and clean.

Hopefully, by aiming to work with local companies, I will get a better idea of how to do this sufficiently.

In preparation for the next Scottish Youth Parliament sitting in October, I am working on a motion based around the implementation of education on suicide awareness and poor mental health in Scottish high schools.

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As a youth representative, what I take forward needs to be something young people want to happen in their community.

Since the beginning of my term the evidence from numerous surveys sent out to young people in my area via Instagram and Twitter identifies a need for this type of education to be brought in through personal social health education or through regular workshops. A full 90 per cent of responses to the consultation agree it would benefit young people.

In addition to my motion, I am also in the process of organising meetings with the MSP for Clydebank and Milngavie, Gil Paterson. I hope to form a good relationship and work with him in order to focus on the problems that affect children in this area and find effective solutions.

In a few months time, I will also be sitting on the West Dunbartonshire’s Year of Young People Legacy Fund Panel. The fund was created to give valuable grants to organisations that work with all ages of young people, up to age 26. This opportunity will hopefully allow me to better understand how West Dunbartonshire Council work to support local organisations.

West Dunbartonshire Youth Council is also being developed by Working4U as part of the Youth Alliance and I’m excited to see it become fully rooted in the community.