I HOPE you have all enjoyed the summer so far.

Not long until the schools go back, and I can hear parents around town heave a big sigh of relief.

Don’t forget the grandparents though as they do their bit with looking after the little darlings.

The council has been operating throughout July with slightly reduced staff but will soon be back in full swing this week. The old days when everybody went off for the fair holidays seem a distant memory.

The coming year will be very interesting for Clydebank with many projects under way and at various stages of development. The high flats at Yoker are now being demolished and it will take until next year to complete.

The Queen’s Quay site is a hive of activity with the new care home under construction, which has a district heating system being incorporated with the other utilities.

The St Andrew’s site is being cleared and levelled for building work to commence and there is a new opthalmic centre being built at the Golden Jubilee.

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The swing bridge at Dock Street has been put out to tender and looks certain to be built over the next couple of years. It is good to see the area so busy and I’m sure the end results will be worth the inconvenience.

After all, we have waited years for this regeneration to start. The Bankies and Yoker FC have just opened their new ground at Holm Park and I anticipate a real boost to their league campaigns this year due to their new modern facilities. I must get down there soon to cheer them on.

On the down side, there will be ongoing roadworks, but at least the junction at Argyll Road and Cart Street seems to be sorted. Every time I say that, another set of traffic cones appears.

You may have seen the many Billy Bowie tankers coming along Glasgow Road and going towards Dalmuir these past months. They are being used to carry sludge to the Shieldhall sewage plant as there is a major pipe and pumping project being carried out by Scottish Water on both sides of the river.

At least these tankers are properly sealed unlike before, when the sludge lorries stunk out the whole town. Needless to say, my surgeries were very busy then, but we eventually got it sorted.