Finding the perfect gift for anyone can be very challenging but when it comes to special events for your girlfriend like her Birthday, Valentine's day or Christmas, the stakes are much higher. If you really want to make her smile, you’ll be on the hunt for something she’ll enjoy and appreciate, ideally something that’s unique. A couple of bath bombs, a new pair of slippers and a bottle of wine probably won’t cut it.  


Why? Because they are pretty bog standard gifts and don’t require too much thought. That's the key to good gift there, putting some thought into your gifts.  A truly great gift doesn’t have to be expensive or over the top but it does have to have a purpose and not just be something you bought because you had to get a gift.  


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Not sure where to start? Let’s take a look at some reasons behind good gifts. 


Daily Annoyances 

Getting a gift that is beneficial is always appreciated. Not sure where to start? Well, think of it this way, what daily frustrations does she have? Is there any items that you could buy that would make her day easier?  


  • Is she organised? No? Well a notebook to write down key things in or maybe a drawer organiser so she stops misplacing key items. 
  • Is she beauty orientated? Is she always running out of her favourite products? You could pick her up some of her favourites or maybe try find a beauty subscription box that fits her needs? 
  • Does she forget things a lot? Are they always late because their phone died? Well, a portable charger could be the perfect gift. 

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Consider Her Hobbies 

If your girlfriend has a hobby, you’ve got a big advantage, because now you have something to work with.  


Yes, you might not know much about the hobby but there is plenty of hobby related gift guides online that are pretty much a map to her heart.  


Alternatively, you could look and find some unique hobby based subscription boxes like who offer some very unique hobby focused gift boxes. Here’s another example,  


Personalised Gifts 

Personalised Gifts aren’t things that just have her name on it. A personalised gift is an item that is tailored to the things she enjoys like a television program or a gift tailored to a nice memory. It's a great way of demonstrating you take the time to listen.  


Personalised Map 

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Grafomap lets you create customised maps of anywhere in the world. It could be a map of the place you first met or perhaps a map of an amazing trip you both took. It’s a unique way to put a bit of thought into a gift.  


Personalised Champagne Flutes 

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Toast your future together with champagne, drank in a personalised flute! You’re not giving her personalised glass, you’re creating a memory that she’ll think about whenever she drinks from these flutes. 



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Flowers might not seem like the most personalised gift but to many women, there isn’t anything much better than a carefully chosen bouquet of flowers.  


From roses to Lillies a bouquet of flowers is bound to put a smile on her face and are a great gift to accompany other items you might get her.  When buying flowers though, you really only get that smile if you choose the right ones. Roses? Tulips? What’s her flower of choice?  You also need to consider the reason you’re buying flowers too, is it your anniversary or is it her birthday?  



It’s always a good idea to have a gift that you know she’ll love and appreciate alongside a gift that is more creative and personalised. Either way, if you put in the right amount of effort she’ll appreciate it regardless.  



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