by Willie McLaughlin

I HAD to laugh when I watched Ross Greer MSP being berated on Good Morning Britain by Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid.

The poor boy was hardly allowed to get a word in as Morgan, that staunch defender of Great British heroes, belittled Ross’s opinions of the greatest Briton of all time, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill.

Ross, who is a Green list MSP for West Scotland – and that includes us – had taken to Twitter to demolish the reputation of the great Churchill by calling him a war criminal.

I suspected Ross may have been on the sherbert as many of us, I’m sure, post some very embarrassing comments on social media after a few swallies which we immediately regret. To be fair, though, I did hear him say he was a committed Christian and so maybe he has yet to sample sherbert.

Unfortunately, his comments went viral and the national response was equally virulent with poor Ross being berated for his ginger hair amongst other things. Fair play to the guy, he accepted an invite to explain himself on morning TV with the friendly double act. He really hit a nerve and became famous for daring to publicly criticise a national icon.

All was going swimmingly with the dynamic duo pulverising the Scottish upstart when Ross finally managed to get his neb in about Churchill being a butcher and explained how his constituents, especially the people of Clydebank, hated him with a passion.

I almost choked on my toast. I never realised I hated Churchill but if Ross says it then it must be true. What about folk in Irvine, Paisley, Bishopbriggs or Greenock? Didn’t they also hate old Churchy? Nope, apparently it was just us Bankies. I think he should explain that one.

Perhaps the people of Dundee may also have choked on their toast. After all, young Winston represented their city in parliament for 14 years. Strangely enough, there is no statue of him in that fair city. There is, however, one of Desperate Dan and his dug. Clydebank has a statue of a welder who is looking a bit rusty these days.

So there you have it. Bankies have been outed in front of the entire nation on national television; shamed and vilified by Britain’s youngest member of parliament.

Patrick Harvie will be flippin’ raging. Why didn’t he think of it?