by Councillor Feargal Dalton

Great news this week with the announcement by Glasgow’s SNP council that they are introducing school car-free zones this summer.

Following much local activism and lobbying by parent, pupil and community councils, Councillor Anna Richardson, city convener for sustainability and carbon reduction, has responded with the introduction of this pilot scheme at seven schools.

It only takes a few parents who insist on driving their children to the school gate to put everyone else in danger. It doesn’t matter how much we appeal to these parents, their behaviour doesn’t change.

Restricting vehicular access is the only way to deal with some motorists’ anti-social and dangerous behaviour.

The schools taking part in the pilot are: Broomhill Primary – Elmwood Avenue and Elmwood Lane; Bankhead Primary – Caldwell Avenue and Broadlie Drive; Hillhead Primary – Westbank Quadrant and Otago St, to junction with Gibson St; Lourdes Primary – access road from Berryknowes Road; Our Lady of the Rosary Primary – Lourdes Avenue; St Blanes Primary – Arrochar Drive; Toryglen Primary – Drumreoch Pl.

Cllr Richardson is acutely aware of this issue and has been doing sterling work in delivering the active travel manifesto commitments of the SNP council.

Another notable success has been Cllr Richardson’s leadership and stewardship in the introduction of a Low-Emission Zone in Glasgow.

Working closely with her colleagues in the Scottish Government, this is the first LEZ in Scotland and will help to deliver cleaner air for our citizens.

Redressing the balance between motor vehicles and other road-users is a social justice issue. It is simply not fair that communities should have to suffer air pollution created by traffic passing through their communities. Those who oppose such measures need to explain why such communities should suffer.