Happy Chinese New Year, everyone: xīn chūn zhì xǐ. Wishing you all happiness for the new spring.

Although we undoubtedly still have cold days ahead, signs of the coming season are bursting through. Also known as the Spring Festival, Chinese New Year celebrations last 15 days. In Glasgow, we welcome 10 Chinese associations from across Scotland to celebrate this new season and I passed on a message from the First Minister to welcome in this new period.

Thinking about what new seasons bring, I expect that many of those living in Anniesland and the surrounding areas will be as excited as me to hear of the new Yoker Bridge due to be built. Engineers Sweco and the award-winning designers of the Falkirk Wheel – the Kettle Collective – have created a stunning design. I was proud to speak in Holyrood to welcome the Clyde Waterfront and Renfrew Riverside development project, of which the bridge is a part.

It is anticipated the project will create a whopping 2,300 jobs and inject £867 million into the regional economy. Aside from this, new cycle-paths are going to be built and our historic Forth and Clyde Canal will receive investment. And the SNP’s commitment to the City Region Deals, putting £500m into Glasgow, is going to have a transformative impact in our communities.

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There are many other exciting developments in Anniesland, such as the National Lottery Community Fund, which has awarded Antonine Court Day Centre, which provides opportunities for people with a learning or physical disability, with £99,578 to fund their Youth Group in Drumchapel. I have lodged a motion with parliament to allow my fellow MSPs to show their support for the incredible work done by the staff and volunteers at this centre.

I was honoured to represent Scotland at the 2019 Global Peace Forum in Pyeongchang, South Korea. I spoke about the crucial role Scotland plays in making it clear nuclear weapons are never acceptable. Our clear stance on non-renewal of Trident and that nuclear weapons are unacceptable on humanitarian grounds makes me proud to be a Scot. Our strong network of civil society organisations, the voice of individuals in speaking out against Trident, and the position of the vast majority of MSPs in the Scottish Parliament is all testament to this.

As we head back to Holyrood next week, I will share my renewed optimism for peace, sustainability and future-focused politics.