I WAS happy to hear that compensation, over and above the usual compensation scheme was going to be offered by ScotRail to season ticket holders on lines that had been most affected by recent disruption on our railways.

Like many others, I use the rail services between Helensburgh, West Dunbartonshire, Glasgow and beyond, and have experienced many delays and cancellations and station skipping on numerous occasions.

However, I am very disappointed to learn that this will not include the Balloch or Helensburgh routes.

I have previously written to the CEO of ScotRail, Alex Hynes, regarding the inadequate service, the need to improve and the need to gain travellers’ confidence back.

In the past couple of weeks we have heard that ScotRail anticipate it will take them until 2021 to meet punctuality targets – this is simply unacceptable. Travellers cannot be expected to endure high fare rises and a substandard service.

Due to this, I have questioned the SNP Government on whether they will apply pressure to ScotRail to compensate customers, or indeed look at terminating the contract that quite obviously has been another SNP disaster. I have received assurances from the Cabinet Secretary that he will look into it.

Recently there have been reports of cold callers on the phone or at doors within the Dumbarton area, specifically affecting older residents. Please be vigilant when speaking to people who have contacted you out the blue. It may seem obvious, but these people are well experienced at cold selling. If in doubt, say you have to check with a neighbour, family member or friend.

Community safety is extremely important which is why I’m trying to introduce a similar idea as seen in England and Wales.

Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) don’t quite have the same power as police officers, but work closely within communities to ensure their safety and help prevent crime from occurring in the first place.