Glasgow is the powerhouse of the Scottish economy.

And, more than that, Glasgow’s economy has continued to grow and prosper – but too many people don’t feel the benefit.

Understandably, boasts about Glasgow’s economic prosperity fall flat amongst communities where the number of people in insecure work is growing, where more have to rely on food-banks and with wages failing to keep pace with the cost of living.

This is the story across the whole of the UK. But in Glasgow, a Labour-run council decided to use the levers at its disposal to create change.

So we introduced the Glasgow Living Wage – a scheme that has delivered a pay rise to workers in 480 firms, employing a total of 90,000 people across the city.

We use some of the biggest investments in our local economy – the Glasgow City Region Deal and our procurement processes – to introduce clauses that directly benefit those furthest from jobs and opportunities.

If Glasgow succeeds, Scotland succeeds. In order to raise more money from taxes to spend on schools and hospitals, we need to grow our economy in a fair and inclusive way. Local authorities – particularly Glasgow – are at the forefront of that.

But, in a few weeks, Glasgow council will have to find over £60million worth of cuts, just for next year. Cuts that are the direct consequence of decisions taken by the First Minister and her Government.

You cannot cut your way to growth. That is the fatal conceit behind austerity. Prosperity can only come from investment in our people.

As the SNP puts forward its budget for approval by the parliament this is my plea: make a different choice. Make a different choice to invest in local government, and turn the page on a decade of austerity.