The Government backed abuse of our most vulnerable in society has arrived in Clydebank and the rest of West Dunbartonshire. I mean, of course, Universal Credit.

This ill-thought-out and disgusting scheme has just one aim: to inflict more and more misery on those in most need.

Never before have we witnessed such a despicable attack on our people, an attack by a Government so devoid of basic human kindness, so devoid of humanity that despite hundreds of thousands using foodbanks and children going hungry daily think this idea is working.

Universal Credit will not only drive more people to food banks and into debt; it will have huge a social impact on our area.

It is simply unthinkable to hand people large amounts of money and not expect a financial train wreck. We could also see a reduction in rent revenue that we may never recover from.

The DWP has said that “there is no reason for people to be without money over Christmas as advance payments are widely available”.

But don’t forget that these are advance payments that have to be paid back. Going into debt, then paying back the debt to get in to more debt as you won’t have enough money to live, is disgusting in the extreme. The sooner Theresa May and her heartless cronies get booted out the better.

Christmas is upon us, and all over the area children are writing to Santa. They are getting excited for Christmas Day, amd they are out at night looking in wonder at the Christmas trees around the area.

OK, scratch that last bit – because they will be very fortunate to find a town tree. Despite the council having no need to make any cuts, only three trees are being put up across the whole West Dunbartonshire Council area – meaning that in the main, our main areas will be dark, bleak places this Christmas.

Old Kilpatrick, for instance, always looked so festive. Not this year though: Scrooge is alive and well and is in the council’s SNP administration. Merry Christmas? More like ‘bah humbug’ as far as this administration is concerned.

Finally, on Wednesday last a very dear friend of mine passed away. He was a wonderful man and a gentleman. Rest in peace Danny. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.