We recently saw the official opening of the new council offices in Dumbarton, which has been a tremendous success.

It is great to see so many of the local community able to commute and walk straight into the building to get any help or assistance they require right in the centre of town. I hope that with more people circulating around the town centre that this has a knock on effect to attract other businesses to stay or move into the town.

I have been watching closely the development by Cube Housing at Carrick Terrace, and what a great job they’re doing. It is great to see new affordable housing replacing old outdated property no longer fit for purpose.

It will be good to see more areas in Dumbarton rebuilt in a similar way to provide more efficient, comfortable homes for people. I am a board member of Dunbritton Housing Association, which helps me realise the need for more housing in the area and I actively encourage it.

There have been a few roads closed recently within the town while work has been undertaken. This has caused some more congestion than normal but hopefully it will be completed and back to normal soon. There has been a big improvement since I last spoke of the condition of the roads, which is great to see. With the weather beginning to get much colder I’m sure the challenges will continue to face us, but the roads should never be allowed to get so full of pot holes again.

I hope all the children, and young adults who celebrated Hallowe’en had a great and safe time. I am sure that many of them were also present at the area’s Remembrance Sunday commemorations on the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. I’m glad so many people, of all ages, attended to pay their respects to those who fought for our freedom and the sacrifices they made.