MOST of you will be aware of the two-day strike in Glasgow recently over equal pay.

I was elected in 2003, and in 2006 we were given advice we thought would enable us to settle the long-running equal pay issue. But we got it wrong. So wrong that I have apologised personally to the people I represent for a decision which, as a GMB steward, has continued to haunt me since 2006.

I put my faith in the legal advice we were given then. We thought it was the correct decision, but as I have stated above, it was not.

I have since written to the council’s chief executive some time ago urging her to settle the issue now. Glasgow Labour is fully behind a full settlement. I am sure each of the councillors who made that decision in 2006 will reflect on that for many years to come. To see the women who marched on the streets of Glasgow last week demanding justice leaves me with a very heavy heart, knowing that we let them down.

Therefore I am calling on all political parties to work together to settle this and give these women the money they are due now as it is time we gave them what they deserve.

All my life as a union steward I have fought for equality and fairness. All I can do now is push as hard as I can to give these women what they are entitled to.

As you may be aware, Drumchapel Swimming Pool was one of 30 facilities proposed for closure by Glasgow Life.

I have fiercely opposed this and there is a petition going with over 3,000 signatures.

The decision to propose closing these facilities lies with the minority SNP administration. It will then be passed to Glasgow Life’s board to implement.

The SNP have never accepted responsibility and always pointed the finger elsewhere.

They have been in power now for 18 months and the hens have come home to roost, and I and the trade unions will oppose these cuts.