After the summer recess, I am pleased to be back holding the SNP to account.

The first week back was a perfect opportunity to do just that. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced her programme for government for the year ahead. It struck me as a programme that was tired, lacking in ideas and full of re-hashed policies the SNP government had failed to deliver in the previous year.

I was pleased to have the opportunity to speak in the subsequent debate, choosing to focus on the government’s poor record regarding environmental matters.

Targets are being missed in a number of key areas, including on air pollution and woodland creation as well as only 1 per cent of journeys being undertaken by bike - well short of the SNP’s target of 10 per cent.

In areas like West Dunbartonshire, we need to see a much more forward thinking and bold strategy when it comes to protecting our environment. At the moment, the SNP’s policies do not go far enough and that is why in my speech, I offered to work with the SNP in order to grow a sustainable economy and bring forward plans for air monitors in our schools - sadly an idea recently dismissed by the local SNP MSP.

I hope we can seize the many opportunities building a sustainable economy offers across Scotland and I stand ready to work with them.

A real let-down on electric shock collars: I was delighted earlier this year when the SNP listened to the concerns I and tens of thousands of others raised over the use of electric shock collars on dogs and pledged to ban them. More than 20,000 people signed my petition, showing just how pertinent an issue it is.

Electric shock collars are so harmful to dogs and the expert advice shows that they are not as effective as positive training methods.

Imagine my disappointment when the SNP announced recently that they would only be issuing guidance, rather than, an outright ban.

This is a very misguided step. I had thought the SNP had listened to the overwhelming evidence from organisations such as the Kennel Club, SSPCA and Battersea Cat and Dogs Home to name a few.

I will continue to pressure the government to re-think this issue.