Just when you thought the SNP council at West Dunbartonshire had hit rock bottom, they have surpassed even their own dismal standards with their inept handling of the collapse of Greenlight Environmental.

My sympathies go to the 109 members of staff and their families who lost their jobs as a result of Greenlight Environmental going into administration. We as a council must ensure that all staff are redeployed by West Dunbartonshire Council allowing them to continue to provide the excellent service they have offered residents.

Council reserves should be used in the short term to ensure the staff are kept in employment and the services continue. And I would suggest that the SNP council ask their own government ministers at the Scottish Government to step in and provide a package which allows the council to restore the Greenlight Environmental service.

It’s basic stuff - grass cutting, recycling, emptying of bins. When council tax payers can’t even enjoy this basic level of service, it’s time to call it a day. Surely we don’t need to put up with this level of mismanagement by the SNP for another three and a half years?

Last week SNP council in their wisdom decided to resurface one half of the road and have no plans to resurface the other half of Braehead Road. The residents of Braehead Road are in disbelief at such a ridiculous position. It’s just not good enough.

And I would warn all residents of West Dunbartonshire to look out for a community centre near you being closed by the SNP. They have embarked on a sham of a consultation process with the public before, no doubt, announcing over the next few months the intention to close your local centre. You have been warned.

On a brighter note, I offer my congratulations to Jean Anne Mitchell who, on Friday evening, won a keenly fought selection contest to become the Labour candidate at West Dunbartonshire at the next Westminster general election.

Jean Anne narrowly lost out on the last occasion but she will now complete her fight to secure a Labour MP at Westminster for West Dunbartonshire whenever this failed Tory government decide to call the general election. Jean Anne is the MP which West Dunbartonshire deserves.