by Councillor Gail Casey

I PROMISE not to use the “G” word this week.

I will, however, refer to the over-abundance of vegetation in our town. We now have wild meadows with all manner of weeds and strange looking insects.

Maybe David Attenborough should film an episode of Blue Planet in West Dunbartonshire, such is our wealth of biodiversity.

Seriously though, I have never come across such an incompetent bunch of chancers and I refer of course to the councillors who are currently running West Dunbartonshire Council.

The SNP group are either talentless or dumb. Most of them don’t speak at council meetings and there have been loads of cancelled surgeries and unanswered emails from the public. This is the same SNP who promised to be open and transparent at last year’s elections.

They are transparent all right, to the point of being invisible.

These councillors are making our area a laughing stock and are an embarrassment to the SNP. They were slapped down big style when Nicola Sturgeon was due to speak to the STUC. Their blatant attack on our trade unions had to be overturned before Ms Sturgeon could take to the rostrum.

You may think I’m going on a bit about this. Well, I have good reason to. At our council meeting on May 31 the council leader Jonathan McColl accused the Labour councillors of being liars. Provost William Hendrie refused to intervene and denied our requests for a retraction and an apology.

I was brought up to respect people, especially those with different opinions and beliefs and in all my years at the council I have never heard such crass language in the council chamber.

Whatever your politics may be it is surely obvious by now this SNP group are unfit and unable to run this local authority. Despite having a financial surplus they still succeeded in ruining our parks and even the cemeteries are a disgrace.

The vegetation crisis is only the tip of the iceberg. There are far more sinister cuts being made to our social care services and in other sectors.

This uncaring administration are out of their depth and are wrecking the public services we all pay for. I really worry about how much worse it is going to get. Can they sink any lower? My fear is that they can.