This week is when Glasgow sets out our budget for the forthcoming year this will be the first budget set in Glasgow by an SNP administration.

This is an administration with a vision for the future of our great city, setting a budget with the determination to put the people who matter first - that is to say all those who live in our city.

It is the intention of Glasgow City Government to deliver a different, more dynamic way of delivering the services that you council tax pays for - we will deliver this on your behalf.

At a local level, in ward 14 Drumchapel/Anniesland, things are looking up. Not only have we had new investment from companies such as KFC, Starbucks, McDonalds and of course Aldi over the past 18 months bringing more than 150 jobs to the area, but soon Tough Construction will be opening in Drumchapel Business Park taking this to nearer 200 jobs.

Now there are three new units that have applied for planning permission to open units in the retail park and all being well could bring a further 200 jobs to the are.

It would be remiss of me not to mention my fellow ward Councillor Paul Carey, with whom I have been working to bring these businesses into our area.

This shows what can be done when we work together for you - the people we represent.

At long last the shopping centre has been sold off by the Co-op to a company called CP Properties, with whom both Paul and I will be meeting in the near future.

We will be meeting with them and the City Property Group who look after the top end of the centre on behalf of the council to find out just what is in their minds.

After this we will call a public meeting to allow the local people to have their thoughts put to the new owners. We will keep you informed as to where and when.