As chairman of the Dalmuir multi storey flats TRA I am over the moon about the councils announcement plans are in place for DHS to be built down at Queen's Quay (subject to Scottish government approval) this DHS will feed up to the high flats giving our long suffering residents proper cost effective heating.

I have spoken to politicians from ALL parties over the years, councillors, MSP's and MP's about this, every one of them agree fuel poverty is wrong, so here's the question, if it is so wrong and EVERY party agrees this then why in 2016 are we still suffering it? The only answer i have is this, "we are paying lip service but in truth we don't give a jot". This is why the announcement by WDC is so important, it shows a willingness to address and change this shameful situation, we in the Dalmuir multies have a heating system put in during the 60s, the same is true across West Dunbartonshire, it is outdated and frankly useless. We have foodbanks in this country, that is beyond shameful, people use foodbanks due to the fact they need to feed their children, people spending up to £40 a week on heating struggle to feed their children so go to foodbanks, reduce fuel bills by using a far cheaper district heating system (£10 a week in the case of Radnor Park) and you reduce the need for foodbanks to me it is a no brainer, but then i am not a politician who thinks just patting people on the head and saying the correct words is enough. I represent the Dalmuir high rise flats and along with Isobel Rankin have spent ten years of my life fighting to get a modern heating system for the residents, i have fallen out with most officials at one time or another, I believe our role is a simple one, do not give up the fight nor accept second best for those you represent, I have done neither and this announcement proves what can be achieved if you have the will and the fight, I truly thank every councillor who voted yes to this proposal.

Danny Lennie

Chair of Dalmuir flats TRA

As an ex-pupil of St Mary's Duntocher, we had a football team as all schools how. Now there's none of that. I used to come home from school at 4 o'clock then and went out to play football with my school pals. Now there's no children doing that. We didn't want to go home as we enjoyed it so much. Now you don't see children doing that. I loved it but didn't like my mum shouting at me to come home. Now you don't see children doing that. That's why Scotland don't have a good footballing side.

An 80-year-old

(Name supplied)

I wish to say thank you to all those in Clydebank/Milngavie/Bearsden who took the National Survey and helped to spread the word in the last three months.

The National Survey is the biggest political listening exercise in the history of the SNP.

My colleagues in Holyrood and Westminster have campaigned hard to get as close to 2 million people as possible to participate in the survey.

But we couldn’t have done it without the public, who took the time to reflect upon votes in the Independence Referendum and EU Referendum, and who spread the word to your family and friends.

Whether you’re a supporter of the SNP, of independence, or not – I am delighted the campaign has been so successful. We really wanted to hear people of all political persuasions’ views.

From September 2, when the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon launched the National Survey, to St Andrew’s Day, it has been an amazing journey.

And now that you have shared your thoughts, we will make sure that your voice is heard from Holyrood, Westminster to Brussels.

Gil Paterson MSP

MSP for Clydebank and Milngavie