No wonder it has been warmly welcomed and supported by the Citizens’ Advice Bureau who really are on the front line when it comes to advising people how to stay safe and avoid becoming victims of crime.

Think back to the opposition the Scottish Government received in April this year when the single Police Force was formed in Scotland.

Scaremongering of the highest degree – exactly as we are witnessing in the run up to next year’s independence referendum – was heaped on us by the media and our political opponents.

It’s strange how silent the naysayers have become now they realise how successful it is proving to be. In recent months I have witnessed more police patrolling the streets, as they used to, than I have for a long, long time.

Streamlined administration, local accountability and a fresh outlook to policing is working already – and it’s only just begun.

In England we hear that the police are advocating “drunk tanks” to deal with young people binge drinking and causing mayhem after dark, but still the Westminster Government refuse to countenance minimum alcohol pricing.

Is this really a union we want to be part of? Don’t you believe we could build a better society in Scotland if we had the power to do so?

Thankfully, a year from now we will all have the chance to change the old, tired regime we are bound to by voting Yes in the referendum.

Aircraft noise is a problem suffered by many residents throughout Clydebank and for some time I have been fighting to achieve parity with people in England who receive compensation payouts from airports who are not self-regulated, such as Glasgow Airport.

The good news is that now you have the chance to participate in a draft noise consultation survey being organised by the airport.

There is also a freephone number to call, 0800 013 2429, if you are affected by noise. The consultation ends on November 1st, so log on to the Glasgow Airport website and download the details if you want to take part.

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