SUMMER is traditionally a quiet�period politically, with the Scottish Parliament in recess, but it is a valuable time for elected members to concentrate on constituency work and start planning for the busy months ahead. �The YES campaign is steadily building support, with many people taking the time to attend meetings and sign up for more information on next year's referendum.

�All the information and answers to important questions are there, despite what you may hear from the No Campaign's scaremongering propaganda machine�- and it has to be said - a sometimes hostile media.

�My survey on whether there is a�desire for an A&E facility at the Golden Jubilee for those living north of the river should be dropping through letter boxes just now.

�As I have stressed, this would not in any way detract from the ground-breaking work being done there on heart ailments, but would be an extra facility which would give residents peace of mind that they wouldn't have far to travel when they are most in need of emergency care.

�I look forward to receiving the responses. The hospital management is very enthusiastic about the survey and I will keep them informed every step of the way until the results are fully in and published.

�I was pleased to hear the news that the QE2's final voyage and destination after leaving Dubai is to be China. As vice-convenor of the cross party working group on Scotland and China in the Scottish Parliament, I am proud of the excellent working relationship we have with China and the mutual respect between both countries.

�It would be good to think that after independence the iconic QE2 could return to the home of her birth. What a celebration that would be!

�The Labour Party's latest attempt to stifle the Scottish Government's minimum pricing for alcohol bill�is bizarre. While I welcome any initiative which may be beneficial to solving the scourge of alcohol in our communities, they really are living in cloud cuckoo land if they think half-baked measures such as�banning alcohol adverts near schools and high caffeine drinks�will have anything like the effect of pricing cheap, harmful drinks out of the reach of youngsters.

�Perhaps all the infighting within their own party is the cause of such muddled thinking. In addition, I�believe that they are being told, as usual, to follow the lead of their Westminster masters who have succumbed to those with vested interests over this matter.

�A Yes vote in next year's referendum is the only way to make sure we don't have a party whose strings are being pulled from London, of that there is no doubt.

�My surgeries have been suspended during the summer months while the schools are closed, but please feel free to contact me for a personal appointment by emailing or telephoning 0141 952 9677.