Last week I was walking in the area of Clydebank, I see notices implying that no dog owners should leave their dog's dirt lying on the street. Use a poop scoop, and so they should.

On the same walk three riders past me on horses, further down the street I came upon their deposits.

Is there a rule for one and not the other?

Alex Blair address supplied Tesco saga has gone on too long How much longer will the ongoing saga of the Clydebank Tesco drag on for?

The decsion makers at West Dunbartonshire Council really should hold their head in shame - any other council would have had this deal done and dusted a long time ago.

The town of Clydebank really needs a massive shot in the arm and a retailer such as Tesco would bring much needed jobs and bring shoppers keen to spend money.

The decline of Clydebank has been going on far to long.

Tescos, Morrisons and the development of our fabulous waterfront have to be of the upmost importance in bringing the town back to its once former glory.

Mr J Thomson