CLYDEBANK: PROUD PAST -DYNAMIC FUTURE In big bold letters, that's what the sign says. From whatever road route you enter the town, that's the message that greets you.

As slogans go, I like it. Sharp and punchy, it certainly makes a statement.

But let's pause for a moment and examine it in an honest and frank matter.

Proud Past: undisputable, I would decree.This town throughout its history has contributed significantly to the fabric of this country, and as such we are entitled to cherish our heritage.

From its engineering and specifically its shipbuilding status, the name of the town is synonymous with some of the greatest vessels ever to sail the seas of the world.

The very name Singer, tells the tale of one of the major employers ever seen in the UK and the source of one the best gags of all time -"Do you know that every household in Clydebank has an entertainer - even the sewing machine was a singer".

The destruction and total tragedy of the Blitz and the stoic response of the communities to it firmly placed the town, forever, in the legend of modern Scotland.

Witnessing with tears and anguish the demise of the industrial base and the character of the people who served it.

Frustratingly enduring the rebuild of the town,we have passively seen ourselves become redefined. An argument could be made that no other town in the country has suffered as much as others, although I dare say some could make a reasonable case.

But whilst these are highly polished badges of honour we carry, and they clearly illustrate our proud past,we need to park them and move on.

The most important past of the town signs is undoubtedly the words -Dynamic Future. Is it? Can it be?How will it be?

Who will be the legends behind the new badges of honour? Do we really want it?

These are the questions Bankies.

Are we just going to rest on our laurels and hail our previous generations for providing those hard earned badges of honour and bask in what was once a proud and formidable town or have we in us, the spirit and desire of those who went before us to have an unquenchable pride to ensure this town does have a dynamic future?

Do we have ambition? Are we capable and willing enough to hold to answer those responsible for our town? Do we want the signs in 20 years to say - CLYDEBANK: PROUD HERITAGE, TIRED PAST AND DON'T GIVE A HOOT ABOUT THE FUTURE.

Certainly doesn't look a good sign to me, how does it look to you?

People of Clydebank - a call to arms. Time for us to build a new DYNAMIC FUTURE.