With children now on their summer holidays, we asked what you used to get up to, before the days of Xbox? We asked on facebook what type of things did Bankies get up to over the break from school.

Here is what some of you said: Marion Benson: Went to a play scheme in Duntocher.

Alan Murray: Atari.

Lorraine Moody: Kick the can.

Gordon Blair: Ahhh the good old Mushy fields lol, good times.

Sammy Smith: The Dazzle in Dalmuir, ran by my auntie Caroline, loads of kids came. Was excellent.

Bernadette Kelly: Water fights, picnics, bus runs from Duntocher, sunbathing, that's when we had summers.

Lorna Laird: Also the good news club every Tuesday night with Mr and Mrs Getty, they kept all us kids of the street. Good memories.

Ross Thomson: Chappy and the grandy.

Carol Tiger Lilly Barbour: The Whitecrook whirl, out on the bike, chap door and run away, hide and seek, follow my sister and her friends around.

Tracy Biggar: Whitecrook whirl or the play scheme it was brilliant kept you out of trouble and got to go away on trips.

Helen Mcgrath: Linnvale link and got to go away on trips. Play in the street, water fights, rounders, tig or kerbie.

Dawn Reid: Went on holiday, day trips and we were out playing from dawn till dusk, it was great.

Shellb Horan Musleh Merrygold: Went out even to the park, none of your expensive trips to cinema.

Evelyn Scicluna: Cycling along the canal to Old Kilpatrick and across the Erskine Bridge.

Mary O'Brien: We didn't have much money so we got a bottle of water, jam pieces or (sandwiches) and a towel and went away up to the Dalmuir Park fishing, paddling and playing up at the swings and had a great time.

Diane Ward: Fishing in Dalmuir Park. My mum used to say "dont come home till it's dark".

Alex McDowell: We played at the Healthy Burn, right beside John Brown's rubbish dump. In the bomb creators we called them the sand pits. Also walking over to Craigton loch and beyond.

Gerry McLaughlin: Cycle to the airport. Walk up the Old Kilpatrick Hills. Putting the ball in the hole, for holes in one, was a laugh. Watching the guy celebrate his good fortune, whilst hiding in the bushes. We spent most of the holidays on the golf course.