New Labour politicians are very good at mimicking amnesia. First they cut the Scottish budget then they blame the Scottish Government for spending less money! Typical is the response from Councillor John Mooney to the horrors that the most vulnerable people in our community will receive with the bedroom tax.� A tax that was first thought of by the New Labour Party, planned and made exclusively by the New Labour Party in London and implemented by the Tories, Labour's Better Together Colleagues.

It is rather ironic that New Labour are in bed with the Tories to stop the Scottish Government from banning the bedroom tax in Scotland�whilst the SNP have guaranteed that it will be scrapped when Scotland votes for independence.

It is also untrue that New Labour are now against the Bedroom Tax, as their spokesperson in England has said that they will keep the bedroom tax with some small changes.

Over the last 100 years Labour has ruled Scotland whilst the SNP has been in power for a mere six years, four of which as a minority Government, yet the SNP is expected to have built thousands of one bedroom houses with a cut budget.

This is even more galling when you take into consideration that it was New Labour's Alasdair Darling, the leader of the Tory/Labour campaign against Scottish independence, who slashed the Scottish budget.

The Labour Party are frauds, happy to cosy up and be partners with the Tories claiming to oppose its detrimental policies - you could not make it up.

The power to stop the bedroom tax is through Scottish independence.

Yours, Gil Paterson MSP