After reading the Clydebank Post (last week) I felt so angered at the front page story 'No worries over drug rehab' that I felt I had to write in. Your article sat heavily on my heart, not because I am an addict but because I am a loved one of someone who has been and will continue to battle with the horrid illness that is addiction.

As a community we should be welcoming such a program as it is going to be aiding the recovery of addicts to enable them to eventually start living their lives to the full instead of just existing in the sad world of drug addiction.

But, as you wrote there has already been a petition set up by the narrow minded community.

How would they feel if their brother, sister, son, daughter or loved one was unfortunate enough to be a drug addict? Would they feel the same?

It may not be ideal for people, but it's for addicts in recovery who have been lucky enough to make their lives better and more manageable and to regain part of their lives because most have lost a huge part of theirs due to addiction.

Would the community sign a petition of the plans were for a place to treat ill cancer sufferers? No. So why treat another place to treat an illness in such a way?

Not all addicts rob or cause harm to people, so they deserve the same chances in life as everyone else and as a community we should not be standing in the way of that. Everyone deserves a good life.

I personally hope it gets the go ahead, not just for the fortunate addicts who will get to use the service but for their families peace of mind because they too have endured pain and suffering that being powerless over addiction causes.

I hope people reading this letter would in future not be so quick to judge as addiction can affect anyone and as a community we should be more understanding and open minded.

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