For the past seven years we have been repeatedly told by politicians, businessmen and celebrities that the London Olympics will highlight all that is good about London and the United Kingdom. London will be the focus of millions of people throughout the world watching the Olympics. We were informed when we decided to bid for these Olympics that the committee would be hosts to over 25,000 VIPs. We have to accommodate all these people at our expense.

We are also providing these people with private transport. If the Olympic committee want us to believe that they have the United Kingdom's interest at heart. Could someone explain why we have purchased 2,000 BMW cars? What was wrong with purchasing British-made cars such as Ford, Vauxhall or better still Jaguars?

Unfortunately the people who sit on these committees do not understand that thousands of jobs are being lost and this is made worse when the opportunities to buy British fall on deaf ears of people who simply do not care about the working class.

Geoff Knowles, via email Member of Scottish Socialist Party