Being a regular buyer of your newspaper every week I have to say you have done amazing with the new-look version and I hope it continues to look as good as this in future! Just as I was beginning to grudge paying for the paper (not too much but times are hard just now) you've gone and revamped it all, leaving me with no other choice but to happily purchase it every week!

It looks brighter, more modern and the competitions are great, my son has just filled in all of his so fingers crossed!

My daughter and I also love the new fashion page. My daughter always told me that the paper was "for older people" but is now bugging me every week to read a copy so she can get fashion tips and read your columnist's rants!

I am also pleased to see the fitness section has expanded, just what I needed after one too many burgers at barbecues!

Keep up the good work! We need more local papers like you to liven the place up and keep us in the know of what is happening locally.

Christine Stirling, via email