Two weeks ago I was using the toilet next to the BHS cafe.

There was no toilet paper as it was broken off in the dispenser with no way of retreiving it.

Someone with a disability was in a toilet asking someone to get them paper.

I said I would go to the customer service desk.

I made a complaint at the desk.

Today I was in the toilet again and only one paper dispenser was accessible.

This caused a huge queue and people had to pass paper into each toilet.

There was a bin overflowing with toilet paper and scattered over the floor and the toilets were dirty.

In the past I have seen a cleaner lift the toilet paper out the bins with bare hands and clean a toilet with a cloth and then clean a sink with the same cloth.

I am in the shopping centre regularly and very rarely see a cleaner in the toilets.

The management and the cleaners should be ashamed of themselves.

What does this say to visitors to the area and is this the level of service the people of Clydebank can expect?

When I visit Silverburn or Braehead their toilets are always clean.

Someone is obviously doing their job at these centres.

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