In these times of economic doom and gloom, it was great to pick up the Post and find that a company has the confidence in Clydebank to propose a plan for a £50m revamp of Clydebank on the John Brown's shipyard site.

New homes, offices, a hotel, supermarket, leisure facilities and waterfront restaurants are all part of the vision for the Queens' Quay by owners Clydeside Regeneration and developer Dawn Group.

On top of all that, a 30ft tall steel memorial dedicated to shipyard workers killed by asbestos-related diseases is being led by the Clydeside Asbestos Group.

I don't want to comment on the detail of what is proposed in this new plan as I believe the public have the right to form their own opinion without my influence on their views.

However, I am excited and reassured that this site is valuable in so many ways and vitally important for Clydebank's future.

It's good to know that there are quality competing views which are of a visionary nature and will make a significant contribution to the well-being of our town.

In the addition to this, we have the prospect of a new Tesco on the Playdrome site, a new leisure centre on the John Brown's site and 64 houses planned for the Cable Depot Road site, which are all in and around the same general area, augers well for the long term prosperity and future of Clydebank.

Boosting employment is my top priority and following recent talks with key players in job creation I am becoming even more optimistic.

As soon as matters start firming up, I will keep you informed through this column.

As the Parliament recess ends, there is much work to do for MSPs returning from their constituencies.

Listening to the concerns of voters who put their trust in us is vital and I will try to take forward everything I have been involved in over the past few months.

An enjoyable visit to the Dunn Street Respite Care Centre in Duntocher reminded me of the great work people in our community undertake and it was a pleasure to meet the staff and guests who make the facility so happy and successful.

On the subject of great work, St Margaret's Hospice is looking for fund-raisers to come forward with ideas to boost this fantastic facility, which until recently looked to be under threat.

I have known the staff at St Margaret's for many years and I can't think of a worthier cause, so contact Sister Rita or anyone at the hospice if you fancy getting involved.

Please also contact me if you have any issues you feel I can help you with by phoning 952 9677, or emailing: