My husband happened to notice that a new eaterie had opened in Clydebank Shopping Centre, and thought he might try a coffee, but he could not see any indication of prices so he decided against entering. The following day he was passing again and he noticed that a young man was fussing about at the doorway, so he asked him why there were no prices on display and suggested he was doing his business a disservice as he had previously thought of entering, but since there were no prices on show, he had decided not to go in.

The young man, who it transpired was the manager, was not coherent as to the lack of information readily available to passers-by and did not think it was an issue. So once again my husband walked on by.

The following day we were together and he suggested that since this was a new venture we would nevertheless give them some encouragement despite the lack of tariff information (other than a menu handed to us on sitting at our table).

We gave our order - one latte, one tea, a bacon roll and a roast beef pannini.

Our tea and coffee arrived within a few minutes and time went on - five minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes.

After waiting another three minutes, we decided that we had waited more than a reasonable time and so we then approached the manager and told him just to cancel the order and the response from him was appalling.

He told us not to come back and that we were barred.

Well my advice to you young man, is that if you want your business to succeed then your attitude towards your customers will have to change.

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