I am currently unemployed and the Job Centre has put me on a Work Activity Programme for a minimum of 30 hours for four weeks.

The Lennox Partnership said that they would help me retrain to help me gain employment.

I thought this sounded very promising.

When I was sent to work I was asked to perform cleaning tasks.

I was asked to clean 20 closes within flats.

I had to climb up and down stairs all day.

I had to sweep and clean other people's dirt and refuse. I felt very unwell and almost collapsed.

These are the sort of chores that are normally given to ex-convicts or criminals who have been given community service as a punishment.

It's sort of blackmail in a way.

People have no choice. If you don't comply with their wishes benefits will be stopped. We are unemployed, not criminals.

My fear is men aged 50-60 being forced to do chores that they are unable to complete due to their age and physical ability.

If you are going to retrain people at least train them in employment in which they can shadow or mirror their charge- hands or employers.

Let people make their own choices about which courses to choose. Courses which will develop their own personal skill because working for no pay (it sounds a bit like blackmail).

What do the unions think of this?

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