IN a recent edition of the Clydebank Post, Charlie Grozier wrote about the La Scala cinema.

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr Grozier.

I also went to the La Scala on a regular Saturday morning for the ABC Minors.

I think West Dunbartonshire Council could and should do something to help retain the memories of people.

For example, they could create a new museum - we certainly have enough relics.

So many of our old buildings could have been saved if it was not for the greedy council wanting space for private housing - I myself moved away from Clydebank but only to the other side of the Clyde (Bishopton) so I could keep in touch with family and friends alike.

How many of us were given the chance to have one last look at these old buildings, such as the old schools, before the demolition crews stepped in?

The council needs to wake up and take into account people's feelings. Maybe the buildings are being torn down by an "outsider" eg. someone from the south of England who cannot understand the link and ties we Bankies have with the areas we grew up in.

To them it's just another old school or old picture house or an old set of swimming baths - to us it's our past and it should be preserved for our younger generation to enjoy.

David Meiklejohn, Bishopton