I am in my 70s and am writing about something which recently happened to me in case it applies to anyone else.

My niece took her two-year-old to the dentist and I remembered that I'd not heard from my own dentist for sometime.

I used to get a card through the post to make an appointment.

My niece informed that you need to re-register every year.

I had never heard of this so I went to my dentist of 40 years and was told that I was no longer a patient and they were full up. No-one ever told me of this change.

I know such things happen in England but I thought not here. How do you find out where dentists accept NHS patients?

I went to Drum Law for advice.

They had moved to Garscadden House. They used to have a walk-in service on a Wednesday so I went on that day.

I was given a card to fill in to get an appointment. When do these changes take place and why does no-one inform the public?

I regularly buy the Clydebank Post and it and the Drumchapel News is where I get my information from and how else can I become aware of changes?

John Welsh, Drumchapel