I thought it was too good to last. Clear, unobstructed left-hand traffic lanes at the southern end of Kilbowie Road. Able to drive down Kilbowie Road towards Glasgow Road and use the left filter lane as it was meant to be.

Or turning into Kilbowie Road from Glasgow Road and having the choice of both lanes - not being forced into the 'right turn only' lane for buses and taxis.

How did this drivers' heaven come about? For last three weeks 'no parking' bollards dominated this stretch of Kilbowie Road whilst Chalmers Street was closed for upgrading. But isn't that how Kilbowie Road supposed to be, all the time? No parking, unless loading/unloading, and no parking at all during certain times of the day. Guess what? We're back to normal. Inside lanes on both sides of the road cluttered with parked vehicles and no driver in sight. All resting on the legal and correctly painted yellow lines, parked beside the legal and correctly marked kerbside yellow blips, and under the legal and correctly hung time plates and clearway signs. So why is this regular, illegal and blatant parking allowed to continue and impede the free flow of traffic? Answers [and some action, please] from West Dunbartonshire Council, traffic police and traffic enforcement officers would be most welcome - but don't hold your breath.

Neil Etherington, Clydebank