Job losses Many people will know that the Jobcentre Plus Contact Centre in Clydebank is to be shut by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and 130 jobs relocated out of the area.

I recently met with senior DWP officials and councillors following a motion by Labour's councillor Gail Casey calling on the decision to be reversed.

Despite a very strong case put forward for the retention of the facility, the officials confirmed that it would be shut.

They admitted that they recognised the potential economic impact of their decision, which makes the refusal of DWP minister Chris Grayling to respond to my letter asking him to stop the closure even more shocking.

As the minister, he is responsible for this decision and it's shameful that he's hiding behind his staff instead of facing up to the impact his policies are having.

It's a cruel blow when the Government department responsible for getting people into work is taking jobs out of our area.

Ontowork It's really disappointing that the council is withdrawing all of Ontowork's funding.

At a time when we are facing an employment crisis in West Dunbartonshire, the last thing we need is to lose a valuable service like this which has proven, cost effective outcomes for getting people into work.

I supported the staff and board of Ontowork last week when we presented a petition to West Dunbartonshire Council asking them to reverse their decision.

We managed to persuade the deputy leader of the council to at least consider reviewing the decision.

I'm waiting to hear the outcome and hoping they'll do the right thing.

Celebrating success Over the last month I've been invited to lots of school shows and end of year awards ceremonies.

I can't attend them all unfortunately, but the ones I do get to are some of my favourite events of the year.

Our young people work so hard and it's important to take a minute to celebrate their success and hard work.

Even when things are really tough, their potential is a ray of sunshine we can celebrate.

Good luck to all those leaving school this year with whatever you do in the future.