I was sorry to see the letter in a recent edition of the Post regarding the problems one of our valued members was encountering at Dalmuir Municipal Golf Course with individuals dishonestly coming onto the course to play without permission.

While this is not something we are aware is a significant problem at Dalmuir, we take every instance very seriously as it is illegal and undermines the enjoyment of members and paying visitors.

We currently have two wardens patrolling the course on most days and every possible effort is taken to remove those who should not be there.

If ever a member encounters any players they have suspicions about then they are requested to alert staff at the clubhouse at the earliest opportunity.

Dalmuir is one of the best municipal courses in the West of Scotland and as your reader rightly pointed out our grounds staff maintain it to a high standard.

As a council we will take the proactive steps necessary to protect the course and the interests of its members.

Elaine Melrose, executive director of Housing, Environmental and Economic Development