I am writing on behalf of family members of Clyde Court Nursing Home.

It was with deep shock and sadness that we read your article on Wednesday June 8, concerning the alleged allegations of abuse concerning one carer.

As family members who have daily contact with Clyde Court, we understand the worries that families and the public will have concerning the allegations.

Abuse has no place in today's society in any shape or form.

We feel that the alleged behaviour of one carer, cannot be allowed to take away from Sarah, the current care home manager and the rest of Sarah's staff, the dedication, loyalty, love and support, that each and every member of staff have for the residents, family members, and any other group or organisation, who have regular contact with Clyde Court Nursing Home.

As in any walk of life, there will always be one alleged bad apple.

We would like to reassure every member of the public, current families of Clyde Court and future families of Clyde Court, that their family members do have and always will have 100 per cent dedication, love, support and the best possible care from Sarah and her staff. Sarah and staff - keep up the good work.

Name and address supplied