As a child at the age of five, my brothers and I looked forward to going to the La Scala cinema in Clydebank every Saturday afternoon.

As a resident of Clydebank, before and after the Blitz, I have seen many changes in the town - the removal of the Singer clock and John Brown's, one of the most famous shipbuilding yards on the Clyde no longer exists.

Now the Picture House, in which we spent so many happy days, is going - a landmark to the residents of Clydebank, leaving nothing in recognition of our childhood and of growing up.

We don't even have a museum that is big enough to house more memorabilia relating to the history of Clydebank.

Why can't the residents of Clydebank take a decision to make the La Scala into a museum?

We could then have a history at our doorstep to be proud of.

Charles Wilkie Grozier, Dalmuir