WHAT is happening to Clydebank?

Is the cleansing department so short of workers they can't keep public places clean?

I walk from the park gates to the bridge over the railway on Mountblow Road every day.

The build up of litter there leading down to the burn has been there for months.

Old umbrellas, bottles, cans - what people visiting or leaving the park must think, I don't know.

The other entrance under the tunnel at Dunn Street is even worse, paint peeling off the walls - mud and water underfoot.

Imagine coming off the train and having to take your children through that.

More serious is the lax way the council deals with the trouble-makers that have filled the flats at the top of Mountblow.

Those homes have been let out to people who have been thrown out of other districts.

There was a couple 'copulating' on the veranda last year; a naked man dangling his baby over the railways, while arguing with someone inside; loud sectarian music and now two deaths in one weekend in those flats.

At one time you had hardly any chance of being housed in these flats.

There are many boarded up windows broken in the stairways.

What a sight for people travelling to the crematorium.

Is the council determined to make Mountblow into a slum area?

The street cleaners used to come out in the motorised one-man operated pavement cleansing machine - not now.

The decent people in this scheme deserve better. Will some councillor take the challenge of cleaning things up?

At the time of writing the local shop has just had its window smashed.

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