WITH regards to the recent article about proposals to place a phone mast on top of St Stephen's Church, the Post reported a spokesman of the Archdiocese as saying: "No final decision has been made yet about siting mobile phone transmitters at Saint Stephen's." Plural - so there is more than one!

The phone companies are already involved and a decision cannot be made until planning permission has been given or rejected.

What next?

Neon lights on the steeple advising, 'Go Compare! Go Compare!' Or 'Guinness Gives You Strength'.

Outside St Stephen's on Saturday at 5.30pm, on Sunday at 10am and 12 noon, then locally I collected more signatures, which now totals 380.

Very few declined to sign, about 10 per cent.

In Jerusalem Jesus overturned the money changers' tables, had them scrambling to gather their shekels, shamed them by telling them, "This is my father's house", then he sent them packing.

Send the phone companies packing.

Robert Darroch, Radnor Park