HOW do stupid drivers pass their driving test?

I write with regards to the bus lane that runs from Hardgate cross to Kilbowie roundabout, which experienced drivers would realise is an allocated time bus lane, I think from 7.30am until 9.30am and 3.30pm until 6.30pm Monday to Friday. In between times the bus lane can be used, and obviously on a Saturday and Sunday also it can be used.

On Monday I was challenged by an idiot in a large green Range Rover who cut me up at the end of the bus lane (at fire station), cutting across the lane I was in, making me break suddenly. He got out of the car and started shouting "it's a [swear word] bus lane" and as far as he was concerned I was in the wrong. This happened at 12.45pm when it's not a bus lane.

When drivers sit their test these signs were all explained in the Highway Code - if they don't understand it buy the book and read it again.

Clydebank driver