THE Government says it has no money and need to make cutbacks.

I think they should look into different companies and find out how the money is spent. Here is a good example.

I was walking my dog along the canal and got talking to one of the British Waterways workers.

I asked where the other guys were as there was normally a crowd of them working, but he told me they only had seasonal workers from March to October. He was really annoyed with his boss as instead of using the seasonal workers to cut the grass, his boss is hiring another company to do all the grass cutting, which is costing more money - where's the logic in that?

I asked him who is meant to repair the towpath as in some bits it is a disgrace.

He told me that his boss pays other companies to do the repairs on the towpath.

He informed me that last year one of the seasonal workers could operate an excavator and instead of using his skills, his boss got another company in.

Where's the sense in that?

I call this a waste of money.

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